The tradition of Sanatana Dharma must be served and protected well, keeping this in view this Ashram was founded by the divine lotus hands of Ananta Shri Vibhushita 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Swami Maheshananda Giri Ji.  
In spite of numerous Hindu temples and monasteries exist locally, this splendid structure has an eminent place in Indraprastha, Delhi. Expounding the purity of Vedic customs and traditions, this temple of Supreme Lord Shiva is known as ‘Vedanath Mahadeva Mandir’. A systematic and vibrant worship of five deities of God can be seen in this temple. These five deities in this temple are—Ganesha, Durga, Vishnu, Sun and Shiva.   Southern deity of supreme benefactor Lord Ganesha is spreading it’s unique rays here, with an adjoining deity  of Divine Mother Durga, riding on a lion. In the eastern direction the blackish deity of Lord Vishnu is established, relaxing on divine serpent Ananta Shesha . Lord Bhaskar, the Sun-God is exquisitely shining in southern side. As per scriptural discipline of sitting arrangement of five Gods, Lord Mahadeva is exceedingly situated in the center, whose five faces are gazing at sky also, apart from looking into four directions. According to Shiva-Rahasya five faced Lord Shiva is the prime cause of entire creation. Shiva’s face in the west side is known as Sadyojata, while the face on the eastern side is called Tatpurusha. The northern direction is shining by his face named Vamadeva and the face on south is titled as Aghora. The upward facing form of shiva is Ishan, which stays amidst of these four faces. This captivating appearance of these five faces of Lord Shiva is desirable to behold no less than once.   Grand bathing of five faced Lord Mahadeva is performed daily by five kinds of nectars with sixteen Vedic offerings, and this is spiritually meritorious. Anybody can take part in this religious ceremony. An illustrious worship is performed in evenings of every Monday and Pradosha day which falls on thirteenth day of each fortnight. This function is followed by ample food distribution to all.  On every Monday of Sravan month, Lord Somardha-Shekhar is adorned with one thousand lotus flowers and this is really heart-touching and eye-catching. Even Saraswati, the Goddess of learning, fails to describe the luster and beauty of Lord Shashi-Shekhar, when His black deity is mounted by thousand white lotuses. Smiling face of Lord Panchanana gets more delight by sandalwood pulp mixed with saffron of Kashmir. Sometimes Shiva’s head, smeared with ashes, attracts the residents of three worlds. Fragrance of Rajnigandha flowers petals at the deity, attracts bumble bees and their humming sounds like glorification of the Lord. Seeing this matchless decoration with matchless flowers, any devotional heart may not remain un-stunned. Therefore people arrive here from far-away to get a sight of Mahadeva and thus they make their life happy and meaningful. President’s chair of the Ashram is graced by His Holiness Shivyogi Shri Raghuvansha Puri Ji Maharaja, and entire temple administration runs under his benign guidance.   Members of temple committee happily contribute at every step. Every morning, after temple worship, hymns of Upanishads are recited  and related discourses are given by renowned and renounced scholars, monks. Such schedule of daily Swadhyaya helps in preservation of ancient commentaries of Adi Shankarachaya. All festivities of Sanatana Dharma are held here with great enthusiasm. Quite often the tall Jyotirlinga of Mahadeva gets illuminated by electrical gadgets, and it’s silvery light disseminates celestial radiance throughout the sky. 
   Goddess Bhagvati Durga is magnificently ornamented on every Navratra festival and elaborate worships are performed for nine days. Chanting of ‘Mahishasura Mardini Stotram’ is also done on this occasion. Divine birth festival of Lord Vinayaka is celebrated on Ganesh Chaturthi, the forth day of waxing moon  in Bhadrapada month. In this festival thousands of Laddu-Modak sweets are offered continuously for ten days. Due to a unique flavor, these Laddu-Modak sweets are famous far and wide. Round the year people eagerly wait and inquire for Modak-Pooja. On Janmashtami day wonderful prayers are offered to Lord Krishna by precisely worshiping his Shesha-shayi Vishnu form. This is the only temple where holistic worship (Chhata Pooja) of Sun-God is performed on the day of Surya-Shashthi. Erudite and well cultured priests of this temple are able to conduct all rituals as per scriptural injunctions. Every morning and evening Arati is offered to Five-Gods. Subsequently the recitation of ‘Mahimnah Stotram’ expands transcendental sound vibrations in the Ashram. What’s more, detailed information without personal revelation is a  complex itself , so come and relish by yourself. Thank You!

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